Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Poem - "Biscuit"


i watched you coming on to me
you were not too tough at first
some clever words, a slow advance
i said, we must have lunch

my growling bear, my salad eater
i met you in the kung pao shop

i, standing by the window
you, pretending to be shy
you brushed my breast as you walked by
and apologized
you thought I might not like you
but I did

then in my car i touched your arm
i met your gaze, we kissed
unsatisfied, penultimately
i put your fingers in my shirt

now take me swiftly, take me deeply
and i will take you on, my man

yeah, noodle man, come take me down
take me with your patois, pate
puree of soul and mince
take me down where you want me
and spill some new words in my mouth

your fruit soup, your watermelon bisque
and when you take me down my panda man
i sure will take you on

you leave me lightheaded, asphyxiated,
groping for the beige banquette
where i first dreamed you, whispering to me
and i woke up laughing, weeping.

"Biscuit," you had said.

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