Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We Won!!!

Some of you may know that I have an avatar in the virtual reality game, Second Life (SL). Her name is Babu Writer, and here is a link to her blog, TheLemonPrincess. Babu and her creative partner, Flyw Jie, are working on a book bearing this title. Last weekend they (we) participated in SL's first-ever book fair. And guess what!

The Lemon Princess booth won $1000L for best booth display. For the next few weeks you can still visit it at The Book Publishing Village in Wallaby. During the fair there was real-life (RL) press coverage in some trade publications, and there was even a story on BBC4.

As a result of doing well at the Book Fair, on Sunday evening Babu Writer was invited to read some of her poetry at The Blue Angel, SL's hottest poetry venue, and she did. It was well received. Babu was tagged by a RL editor on the way out. Is something more real in the works? One hopes.

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